VIPER Fitness Adjustable Pull Up Bar for Doorways *NO SCREWS REQUIRED* - Viper Sports VIPER Fitness Adjustable Pull Up Bar for Doorways *NO SCREWS REQUIRED*




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Pull Up Bar No Screws

VIPER Fitness Adjustable Pull Up Bar for Doorways *NO SCREWS REQUIRED*

  • Introducing the VIPER Pull-Up Bar, the ultimate doorway fitness solution that requires no screws and delivers exceptional performance. This adjustable pull-up bar is designed to fit most standard doorways, providing a convenient and effective way to strengthen your upper body at home.
  • With an adjustable length ranging from 66cm to 90cm, the VIPER Pull-Up Bar ensures a perfect fit for various doorway sizes. Installation is a breeze, and the included leveler guarantees that the bar is set up perfectly straight, maximizing your workout experience
  • Comfort is key during your workouts, which is why the VIPER Pull-Up Bar is equipped with foam handles. These ergonomic grips not only provide extra comfort but also prevent calluses, ensuring a pleasant and pain-free workout every time.
  • We understand the importance of protecting your door frame, which is why the VIPER Pull-Up Bar features an enlarged base. This innovative design prevents damage to the door frame, giving you peace of mind as you focus on your fitness goals.
  • To ensure a secure and reliable grip, the VIPER Pull-Up Bar boasts a threaded structure in the suction area. This feature prevents slips and guarantees stability during your intense workout sessions. The improved water ripple effect on the suction surface further enhances stability, allowing you to exercise with confidence.
  • For added stability, the VIPER Pull-Up Bar includes a screw lock mechanism. This feature provides an extra level of support, ensuring that the bar stays firmly in place while you challenge your limits.
  • With an impressive weight capacity of up to 200kg, the VIPER Pull-Up Bar can accommodate users of various sizes and fitness levels. Strengthen your upper body, build core muscles, and achieve your fitness goals with this reliable and versatile pull-up bar.
  • Please note that the VIPER Pull-Up Bar is not suitable for use on glass or non-solid materials. We prioritize your safety and recommend using this product on sturdy doorways only.


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