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Viper Pro 4ft Heavy Filled Boxing Punch Bag Set Bracket Gloves



Some of these bags comes with the straps then you dont need a chain

Extra charge for any off shore bt iv etc post codes please add extra £11.99 

Product Description
The best quality Rex Leather filled 4ft punch bag. It is filled with compressed cloth pieces, this makes it relatively soft but also heavy. The consistency of the feel as you hit the bag is far superior, covered with durable Rex Leather gives the sensation of hitting a real opponent.Bag mitts,  The best quality pair of Bag mitts . The colour combination is Red and Black. Ideal for professional and training, practice. Punch Bag Hanging Bracket with Screws Made of Heavy Duty steel Comes with all the fittings Powder coated Hang heavy punch bags up to 100kg Approx. Comes in black colour, tested for strength and endurance. . The Best Quality heavy duty swivel chain made of steel and 4 chain can be hang up to 100 kg punch bag. Heavy Duty steel swivel hanging chain you'll get a free chain with a built in swivel which allows the bag to twist freely and absorb your punches and kicks.


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