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Introducing the Viper Tiger Size 6 Basketball, the perfect companion for basketball enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Designed to elevate your game, this basketball is crafted with high-quality materials and innovative features to deliver superior grip, control, and durability.

The Viper Size 6 Basketball features a special hygroscopic PU cover, specifically designed with a composite leather cover and coating. This advanced construction provides an exceptional grip, allowing you to maintain control of the ball with ease. No matter how intense the game gets, this basketball ensures optimal grip, enhancing your shooting, dribbling, and passing skills.

Engineered with professional-grade components, the Viper Size 6 Basketball boasts a nylon wound and butyl bladder. The nylon wound construction offers correct bounce, ensuring consistent and accurate performance on the court. Additionally, the butyl bladder provides long air storage, reducing the need for frequent inflation and enhancing the ball's durability for extended use.

Measuring 28.5 inches in diameter, the Viper Size 6 Basketball is the standard size for both training and practice sessions. Whether you're a kid, adult, or a seasoned player, this basketball is designed to meet your needs and help you improve your skills. Perfect for indoor or outdoor play, this versatile basketball is suitable for a variety of training environments.

Please note that the Viper Size 6 Basketball comes deflated and requires pumping before use. This allows you to customize the ball's inflation level according to your preferences and playing style. Simply inflate the ball to your desired pressure, and you're ready to hit the court.

Experience the difference with the Viper Size 6 Basketball and take your game to new heights. Whether you're practicing drills, playing pickup games, or competing in official matches, this basketball will exceed your expectations. Get ready to enhance your skills, dominate the court, and enjoy the game like never before with the Viper Size 6 Basketball.


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