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Viper Kids Boxing Free Standing Punch Bag Heavy Duty Martial Arts MMA Children

Introducing the ultimate companion for your little champions - the VIPER Kids Free Standing Punchbag Set! Specially designed for children aged 3 and above, this punchbag set will provide hours of fun and entertainment while promoting physical activity and coordination.

- **Suitable for children age 3+**: This punchbag set is carefully crafted with safety and enjoyment in mind, making it ideal for children aged 3 years and above.

- **100% 24 to 48 hours free delivery (UK mainland)**: We understand how eager your kids are to start using their new punchbag set. That's why we offer lightning-fast and free delivery within the UK mainland, ensuring it reaches your doorstep within 24 to 48 hours.

- **Made with premium Eva Foam**: The VIPER Kids Punchbag Set is constructed using premium Eva Foam, providing a soft yet durable surface to withstand all the punches and kicks your kids can throw at it.

- **Extra Wide Base: Diameter 18" BASE HEIGHT 9" INCHES APPROX**: With its wide and stable base, measuring approximately 18 inches in diameter and 9 inches in height, this punchbag set will stay firmly in place during energetic play sessions.

- **Adjustable 4cm pipe**: The set features an adjustable 4cm pipe, allowing you to tailor the punchbag's height to suit your child's needs as they grow taller and stronger.

- **Bag height 24" TOTAL LENGTH 117-118CM APPROX BAG DIAMETER 11" INCHES APPROX**: The punchbag stands at a height of 24 inches with a total length of approximately 117-118cm. The bag itself has a diameter of approximately 11 inches, providing ample striking surface for your little ones.

- **The base comes unfilled. Use sand to fill the base**: For added convenience, the base comes unfilled. Simply fill it with sand to ensure stability during use, allowing your kids to punch and kick with confidence.

- **Do NOT fill the base with water**: Please note that it's essential to avoid filling the base with water to prevent any potential leaks or damages. Use sand as recommended for the best experience.

Encourage your kids to stay active, develop their motor skills, and let out their energy with the VIPER Kids Free Standing Punchbag Set. With its premium materials and thoughtful design, it's the perfect addition to your little one's play area or bedroom. Order now and watch your kids unleash their inner champions!


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