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Viper red paddling pool

VIPER Red Paddling Pool for Children and Pets

  • Portable: This paddling pool is able to be folded up into a small size and stored away. The small and compact size allows for optimum storage and easy portability. The foldable feature is perfect for fun family days out.
  • Size: 160 x 160 x 30 centimetres
  • Ease of Use: The pool is supported by rectangle hard fibreboards, perfect for stability and allows the paddling pool to be easily folded up and stored away. The drain hole is located on the side of the pool and allows for quick and easy water drainage. Easily empty the drain hole to the desired location and watch the pool empty with ease.
  • Durable & waterproof materials: The paddling pool is made of waterproof and non-toxic PVC.
  • Pet use: This paddling pool can be used for your pets too! This can be used to wash your dogs in or even for a fun playtime your dogs. The height allows easy access for your pets to hop into and enjoy!


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